Branding for Nonconformists

Author Branding Isn’t Smarmy!

(Unless you were a relentless self-promoter even in kindergarten)

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“If you’re asking people to go to the bookstore or the internet and pay money for your words, you are already a brand. There’s no way to escape it, and whether you find that to be a dark apocalypse or a blissful mercantile utopia is irrelevant, because you have to live in it.”

Maya has a lot of experience in journalism and publicity, and while she writes for both children and adults, the better part of her writing is focused on making ethical veganism as accessible as possible for readers who might otherwise feel overwhelmed or intimidated by these unfamiliar ideas. She is @mayabidaya on all the things. She has a serene presence that is expressed in her website and other visuals. If I got an idea for a children’s book in which animals tell their own stories, then I would think: That’s very Maya. She actually does have a cohesive brand — and yet I agree with her as much as I did last summer.

“[T]o me author branding means allowing your audience to get to know you better. Sharing with your readers not only your craft but the things that make you you.”

This comment got me thinking about how creative people convey their personalities on social media; selfies have always seemed inherently self indulgent to me, but maybe I’ve been looking at them the wrong way. I enjoy looking at selfies that actually communicate something substantive about the subject and what they value, be it a home-sewing practice, a travel destination they’ve been really excited about, or following through on something that scares them. (Interesting that I rarely post any selfies myself, eh?)

Authoress: LIFE WITHOUT ENVY (“a self-help book that’s actually helpful”) and assorted fantasy novels.

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