Hi Shaunta,

You may be interested to hear that Heather (a good friend of mine) and I have been reading your work on Medium since we both started using it regularly a month or so ago. We regularly text each other links to your latest posts. I even quoted you in a piece that’s going up on The Writing Cooperative this weekend. So you can imagine it’s surreal for me to see you writing about her work now.

Heather wrote the essay so that other writers could learn from her mistakes. She wrote it to start a candid and productive conversation, which is now happening among writers and industry professionals, and that’s wonderful to see—many experienced authors like you have been offering up everything they’ve learned, and so many have benefited from that.

Having said all this, I have to tell you how disappointed I am that you chose to go the “whiny white woman” route in your response. While your tone is far from the cruelest Heather has had to deal with this week, it’s certainly not nuanced or compassionate. So many random people on the internet have decided that THIS is the narrative they are going to stick her with; it’s hard to imagine that many (if any) of them actually read the piece beyond the first couple paragraphs, or if they did, they read what they wanted to read, not what she actually wrote.

When others see Heather’s candor met with nastiness and judgment, they’re going to be far less likely to speak or write with candor themselves. This is cancel culture at its worst.

Up to this point I loved your work so, so much. This hurts my heart. Take it from a fan: you can do better than this.



Authoress: LIFE WITHOUT ENVY (“a self-help book that’s actually helpful”) and assorted fantasy novels. http://bit.ly/cometparty

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